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The contracting and recruitment world offers lots of opportunities for professionals, and StrongLeaf offers services in a way that is different from any solution you’re used to in the market.

Founded in 2011 as a  family business, we started off with a niche product: a specialized payroll service for cross-border contractors. Because this is a rather narrow product and our business partners and clients asked for more options, we decided to expand our service inventory. The different possibilities we offer for a part payroll solution today is the most well-known of our range of services.

To further answer to the market demand, we considerably increased our in-house capacity by developing and implementing our own, user-friendly online portal.

"Highlighting the Human in Human Resources"

Throughout the years it became obvious that our clients are very loyal. This is due not only to the high quality service. It also, and maybe mainly, has to do with the way we treat people. Which is the only way we know how to: as people. There seems to be a contradiction in the term Human Resource, but we aim to overcome this contradiction by living up to our company values, of which trust and clarity are the most important ones. 

Why StrongLeaf Business Ethics? Because we believe that in the end, it is our and your humanity, and not money, that will help us knowing how to behave, work, and survive.

I have finally found a partner that understands about communication and keeping people informed. I must say I have been highly impressed, and believe me I am not easy to please.

Craig Crighton

Our Team


StrongLeaf Payroll offers personal and broad service for your salary and payrolling administration. All our payrolling clients get a tax and income advice for their specific personal situation. Our clients are divided into two categories: Self-employed and employed by us. A thorough screening of your personal circumstances and priorities will be part of the intake process, after which you will have the knowledge necessary to make the best decision. 

Clients employed by us may use the specialized all-in package deals for the placement at projects through the well-known, larger recruitment agencies. 

For self-employed clients wishing or required to cooperate with a payrolling agency, we provide specialist knowledge to make this happen. We offer a range of solutions that fit your individual (inter-)national situation, even when work and home cross borders.

StrongLeaf helped me feel at home from the start, I would recommend them to all of my co workers.


Extra services

Settling in a new country can be a tough nut to crack, especially while you are busy getting started on your new job.

This is why StrongLeaf has several collaborations with trustworthy service companies helping you to get your personal things straight without having to worry too much.

These services include finding a home, relocating your furniture, finding a school or day care center for your children, and so on. Because we care about our clients as if they are our own colleagues, we make sure our partner service companies provide our clients with the best solutions, care and attention possible.

Their performance is monitored and evaluated by us at set times to continuously ensure the best service.

StrongLeaf went out of their way to support me. Not only do they provide excellent and timely service but also operate with a professionalism that is rarely found. I would definitely highly recommend.


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Fill out this form and we will contact you as soon as possible. Because of Corona and Brexit StrongLeaf stopped, Workumust B.V. continues with the StrongLeaf Services.